why is my kid brother so much cooler than me

Flourite crystal point magik~ ✨flourite cleanses and clears negative energy and is one of my favorite stones. 4”x5” lil quickie. Thanks for looking!


My mother called to tell me how dangerous it is to live in your head so I thought I would tell you all that as well



redneck girl wants to discuss why people aren’t carrying guns “for no good reason”
like bitch
your white ass feelin “unsafe” in your neighborhood isn’t a legitimate fucking reason for anyone to just carry a pistol wtf is wrong with u ppl

It definitely is a good reason. That’s the whole purpose of having concealed weapons is for your own safety wether it be in your own neighborhood or out in town. Danger isn’t exclusive to dark solitary alleys or behind pubs and such.

*face palms*


450 metres above the sea


Baaaamily portrait

can u see me in the background